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Caffeine Premium Stoneware

Caffeine Ceramic Handmade Mud Brown Ramekins Bowl (Set of 2)

Caffeine Ceramic Handmade Mud Brown Ramekins Bowl (Set of 2)

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Caffeine Ceramic Handmade ramekins Bowl. This is a perfect product of modern handmade art at the same time elegant piece of ceramic works. This is a cute combination bowl with perfect matte finish on the outside and glossy finish inside. This is beauty of hand art in the field of product, enough to highlight your serving and give your dining an elite and sweet touch.


Those who love their food, love their kitchen will definitely love this modern approach to pudding and ramekins bowls. Serve your guests in this after meal and get the sparkling appreciation for your fine hospitality. Tip to bottom is 100% handmade with fine details. Ramekins bowls used for pudding, custards, sweets, brownies, etc. 

Material: Ceramic
COLOR: Brown
9*9*5 (L*B*H) C.M

PRODUCT CARE: avoid scratching with hard bristled brushes. Dishwasher safe in mild cycles. Microwave safe. Is not suitable for the direct burner.



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