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Caffeine Premium Stoneware

Caffeine Ceramic Handmade Orange Biege Soup Combo Set of 4

Caffeine Ceramic Handmade Orange Biege Soup Combo Set of 4

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Caffeine Ceramic Handmade Orange Beige Soup Combo Set of 4. The pattern crafted on this product is done manually sculpting the beautiful design on the product once used as a sign of royalty and dignity. All colors used on our dinnerware are food-safe. CRAFT: Stoneware. COMPONENTS: 2 Dinner Plate & 2 Katori or Bowl each one.


Not suitable for direct burner. Only use indirect sources of heat. Please do not put it in a pre-heated oven/microwave. Do not freeze at high freezing temperatures. NOTES: Set of 4. Slight and minor color changes could be noticed as each product is individually made by hand. Flash used in the shoot and differences in screen resolutions could also be a reason.


COLOR: Orange beige.  
PRODUCT CARE: Avoid scratching with hard bristled brushes. Dishwasher safe in mild cycle. Microwave safe.
Dimension: 26*26*3cm.


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